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This cushion cover is made of elegant and high quality original material "Sultan Velvet", designed in Istanbul, Turkey's world heritage city, and carefully handcrafted one by one by craftsmen. The oriental design creates a sophisticated interior. I want people to not only see it with their eyes, but also to experience the happiness that brings a smile to their faces when they touch it.

The pompoms on both ends match the design and color of the cushion cover, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.
Want to change the interior of your room? Want to make your room or space even more beautiful? But if changing your sofa or rug mat is a little difficult, create a wonderful space with Sultan Cushion!


*Inner material is not included.

[Sultan cushion cover] PVC5050_27

SKU: PVC5050_27
  • Sultan velvet (100% polyester)

    Sultan Velvet is an original material that has a smooth texture and an elegant sheen. It is Sultan's signature material that not only makes the vibrant designs stand out, but also makes you feel happy when you touch it.

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