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ToriInquiries regarding handling requests

​We have a design office and atelier in Istanbul, Turkey, where we develop and manufacture fabrics.

Silk velvet, our signature fabric, was developed with particular attention to texture, luster, and color.

We hope to bring happiness to our customers through silk velvet interiors and miscellaneous goods that brightly color their lifestyles.

We also carry old kilims and carpets grown in Central Asia that have adorned many spaces. Our staff who are well-versed in the Turkish Kilim carpet market purchase not only in Turkey but also in the European market, so we are able to deliver high-quality old Kilim and carpets to meet a variety of requests.


Purchasing staff at retail stores and select shops, event staff, interior design staff at stores and salons, design offices,

By providing interested business owners, such as interior designers, with unique items that can only be obtained through our company, we would like to reach more customers. . For detailed requests or consultations, please fill out the form below or contact us directly by email (

Together with the buyers, curators, wholesalers, and those in the service industry who welcome customers, who were moved by Sultan's worldview, we will awaken the latent impulses of more people and bring color to their daily lives and lives. We hope to be a part of living a rich life.

You can purchase directly from Super Delivery, an online purchasing site specializing in wholesale transactions.

  There are great benefits for registering!

  ・5% OFF for first purchase

3,000 coupon points that can be used for purchases

·postageFree Coupons


 ECモールにない商品の仕入れサイト orosy  にて直接仕入れをして頂けます。


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[3] Rental services for corporations



You can purchase directly from goooods, an edgy brand purchasing site.

  There are great benefits for registering!


  ・10,000 yen coupon that can be used for first purchase

・Shipping fee when purchasing Sultan

Free for 1 year (up to 10,000 yen per month)


Company Name


Name of operations manager

Kanako Hara

telephone number


email address


Store name

Sultan Salon


3-26-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002

​Store opening hours

​ *Advance reservations will be required from August 2023 onwards.

Or please contact us at 090-7238-1152.

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