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These cushion covers are made of the elegant, high-quality original material "Sultan Velvet," designed in the world heritage city of Istanbul, Turkey, and carefully handcrafted by artisans one by one. The oriental design will create a sophisticated interior. We hope you will not only look at them with your eyes, but also feel a smile on your face when you touch them with your hands.

The pompoms on both ends match the design and color of the cushion cover, creating an elegant and gorgeous atmosphere.
I want to change the interior of my room, I want to make my room and space even more beautiful! However, for those who find it a bit difficult to change the sofa or rug, create a wonderful space with Sultan Cushion!


*Inner material is not included.

[Sultan cushion cover] PVC4060_34

SKU: PVC4060_34

  • Sultan velvet (100% polyester)

    Sultan Velvet is an original material that is smooth to the touch and has an elegant luster. Sultan's signature material not only shows off its bright design, but also makes you feel happy when you touch it.

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